Subtitle: A guide for conducting meetings in congregations

Published by Bible Media

Summary of content:
An extensive guide using the Listening Cycle to help church leaders to organise and arrange meetings in such a way that church meetings will grow from regulative meetings to meetings that are in nature meetings of listening – to one another and to God.


Part 1: Introduction

The birth of the first congregation: Acts 4 – 5
Questions for discussion

Part 2: Background knowledge and the use of the Listening Cycle
Chapter 1: God speaks … in the first person

1. First discovery: Torah … God speaks
2. Second discovery: Nebi’im … God takes the initiative
3. Third discovery: Kethubim … God gives his wisdom in discernment through faith
4. What does "discernment through faith" mean?

Chapter 2: The use of the Listening Cycle during meetings

1. Practical guidelines and questions on the use of the Listening Cycle during meetings

Part 3: The Listening Cycle
Chapter 3: First movement – resting

Station 1: Invited by God to be calm and rested in communion with each other
Station 2: Entering God’s time

Chapter 4: Second movement – hearing

Station 3: Listening to the Word of God
Station 4: Listening to each other
Station 5: Listening to others and the times
Station 6: Listening to the Word of God again and becoming aware of the Holy Spirit working

Chapter 5: Third movement – living

Station 7: Focus on what God is doing now: the challenge of responsible leadership
Station 8: Answering through your life

Part 4: Resources
Resources for leaders in congregations
1. Books
2. Lectio Divina
3. Liturgy 1: Agapé meal
4. Liturgy 2: Hope
About the author: Dr Frederick Marais works for Communitas, based at Stellenbosch. He is widely known and recognised as an experienced consultant for congregational matters.
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Format: Soft cover
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978 0864 87488 7
Target market:
* Church leaders and members of church councils
* Anyone who conducts or attends meetings
Unique Selling Points:
* Written by an expierenced congregation consultant
* Based on the Listening Cycle
* Practical guidelines
* Illuminating perspectives on meetings